In 2012 UTG aviation services became the first independent ground handling operator in Russia, upon receiving the FATA ground handling operations certificate. Today the company has received over 550 units of equipment, developing this sphere of activity.

Aircraft Ground Handling

Ramp handling:

  • Turnaround procedures;
  • Aircraft pushback;
  • Ground power unit connection;
  • Water service;
  • Toilet service;
  • Aircraft heating ;
  • Air start unit;
  • Ground servicing equipment supply (extinguishers, whell chocks and etc.);
  • Sealing of aircraft;
  • Turnaround coordination;
  • De-icing procedures;
  • Aircraft air conditioning;
  • Fueling;
  • Baggage loading/offloading;
  • Baggage delivery to claim area;
  • Business and economy class passengers transportation to/from aircraft using own vehicles: Neoplan, VW Crafter, Ford Transit;
  • Transfer baggage handling;
  • Passenger boarding/disembarkation (own boarding bridges)
  • Aircraft heating;
  • Aircraft balance.

30 000

passengers registered daily

1 000

passengers daily serviced in business lounges. Numbers are growing.


business lounges