UTG company began to collaborate with Ethiopian Airlines at Domodedovo airport.


UTG aviation services has started collaboration with Ethiopian Airlines on the territory of Domodedovo International Airport. We provide the airline with representation and ticket sales services. 
The carrier operates three weekly flights from Moscow to Addis-Ababa (Bole airport) on a Boeing 787-800 aircraft.
Ethiopian Airlines was founded in 1945 and now this airline makes passengers and cargo traffic to more than 125 cities worldwide.

This year UTG brought service to its 20 million passenger at Vnukovo airport!


В понедельник, 3 декабря, UTG выдала посадочный талон 20-ти миллионному пассажиру. Юбилейный пассажир, Алексей Завьялов,  летел рейсом Грузинских авиалиний, А9-929 Москва-Тбилиси. Аэропорт наградил Алексея подарками, сертификатами на скидку во всех магазинах RegStaer, бесплатным посещением VIP lounge, также он получил годовой абонемент на проезд в бизнес-классе «Аэроэкспресса» и ужин в ресторане Legends отеля Double Tree by Hilton - Vnukovo airport. Авиакомпания, которой летел Алексей, подарила ему бесплатный перелет в обе стороны. Помимо юбиляра, все пассажиры этого рейса получили сувениры.


В рамках этого мероприятия с поздравлениями выступили заместитель генерального директора по коммерции а/п Внуково, Антон Викторович Кузнецов и директор московского офиса авиакомпании «Грузинские авиалинии», Нино Тамазовна Гаиашвили.

Такая грандиозная цифра была достигнута впервые за все существование аэропорта Внуково, благодаря ежегодно увеличивающемуся пассажиропотоку и сотрудничеству с все большим количеством зарубежных авиакомпаний. 

Для сравнения, в прошлом 2017 году компания UTG в аэропорту Внуково обслужила в общей сложности 18 млн 139 тыс. пассажиров, а в 2018 году этой отметки достигли уже 25 октября.


UTG maintenance and engineering has updated their FAR-285 certificate.


November, 2018, the UTG aircraft maintenance and engineering department received the certificate updated application to the FAR-285 according to the activity expansion.

Expansion of the aircraft list for technical maintenance on the line station at Pulkovo airport was approved. Now the list includes: Boeing 737-300/400/500, Boeing 737-600/700/800/900,  Airbus A319/A320/A321, Embraer EMB-135/145.

Also in addition to the emergence of a new hangar at Domodedovo airport, UTG received the new certificate for technical maintenance of the aircrafts: Boeing 777-200/300, Embraer EMB-135/145, Airbus A330-200/300, Airbus A319/A320/A321

Expansion of the activities also affected the Vnukovo department. MRO station at the airport has the rating update for aircrafts: Airbus A319/A320/A321, Airbus A330-200/300. 

UTG aviation services welcomes Uzbekistan Airways


October, 28 UTG company has served Uzbekistan Airways first flight at Vnukovo airport. The first aircraft was met by a traditional greeting water arch.

Uzbekistan Airways will make flights with comfortable Boeing 757-200, Boeing 767-300 and Boeing 787 Dreamliner to the following directions: Bukhara, Navoi, Namangan, Nukus, Samarkand, Tashkent, Termez, Urgench, Fergana.

 UTG aviation services has begun to provide full range of ground and passenger handling services  at Vnukovo Airport including business lounge service.

UTG aviation services took part in the 9th Airport Ground Handling conference 2018 in Moscow



The annual Airport Ground Handling conference, held on September 26-27th hosted our Head of Ground Handling Operations Department  at Vnukovo airport – Mr. Sergey Prokofiev as a speaker . His speech about ground handling  as integral and component of the Safety of Flights Control system aroused interest amongst fellow delegates.

Airport Ground Handling is a key industry event on the territory of Russian and the former CIS annually gathering representatives of the Russian and International aviation community.

UTG aviation service opened the aircraft technical maintenance hangar at Domodedovo airport.


In September, 2018 UTG aviation services has brought into operation a hangar at Domodedovo Airport. It has expanded services rendering possibilities in the maintenance sphere. The hangar is more than 3 thousand sq.m and intended for different types of aircrafts maintenance, such as Embraer 145, Boeing 737CL/NG, Boeing 767, Airbus A-320/321.

The wide range of services will be provided in a new hangar: all types of engines boroskope test, nondestructive control methods of aircraft design, structural repairs, aircraft painting works, engine washing, aircraft interior service, including repair and interior accessories production, aircraft components service: wheels, brakes, electroaccumulators.

In the new hangar will be provided such services as ATI storage and granting, inside port logistics, aircraft engineering support and maintenance services.

In addition, the UTG maintenance center in Domodedovo airport prepares for technical support certification for Boeing 737 MAX and Airbus A-220 aircrafts, and also for aircraft B-737NG, A-320 VS (including C-check).

UTG aviation services opens Rachmaninov business lounge at Vnukovo airport



Today, on September  12, 2018 at 00:00 after the reconstruction was opened the Rachmaninov business lounge at Vnukovo Airport

The renovated Rachmaninov lounge is glad to welcome its guests - holders of the Priority Pass cards.

Modern architectural concepts and optimal space zoning of the lounge allow passengers to spend their time with comfort waiting for a departure. 

Business lounge design and decoration let guests feel calmness and comfortable.

For passengers convenience  all places are fitted with standard power points, and also with power points with USB connection.

For passengers services 24/7 there are: wifi, a buffet, bar, individual lockers , wardrobe , a working zone with computers, the negotiations room and shower room.  

The Rachmaninov is a part of the Premier Lounges by UTG aviation services company. It is located in domestic  departures zone at Vnukovo airport.

UTG aviation services introduced the automated medical examinations electronic system (MEES) for the employees.


Since August 1 the UTG company dispensary at Vnukovo Airport has started MEES terminals exploitation. All employees, responsible for the aviation security, have medical examination several times a day.  

Medical indicators control of pressure, pulse, temperature, alcoholic or drug intoxication makes with MEES device. For all medical check-up electronic system takes only one minute. The examination goes under the health worker supervision through video link.

 This medical examinations electronic system  increases planned medical examination passing speed, and also increases accuracy of the results. Introduction of MEES terminals reduces emergency and dangerous situations quantity and increases productivity, thanks to the irregular situations exception, connected with sharp health deterioration of workers.

The UTG company decided to realize introduction of the medical examinations procedure on its own initiative, caring for the employees health and flight safety.


«UTG» and «UTG Domodedovo» summed up the work results after the FIFA World Cup in Moscow.


The «UTG» company in Vnukovo served 23 special flights from 12th of June to 15th of July.

Our employees have met 10 national teams: England, Spain, Iran, Morocco, Denmark, Senegal, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Germany (ex-winners of the FIFA World Cup 2014) and Croatia team (which took a second place in the fight for the Champion title in FIFA 2018).

Also our employees have transported a great number of different football fans from Mexico, Tunisia, Brazil, Colombia, Belgium, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Egipt, Spain, Sweden, Portugal.

«UTG» has served such airlines as  Air X Charter LTD, Air Europa, ATA Airlines, Croatia Airlines, Gain Jet Aviation S.A., Jordan Aviation, Lufthansa, Lineas Aereas S.A., Maleth-Aero, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Tunisair, Uzbekistan Airways.

During the FIFA World Cup, «UTG Domodedovo» stuff served in total 20 special flights of «AIGLE AZUR»and «Royal Air Maroc» airlines.

Our department in Domodedovo airport registered 3000 passengers. This airlines made charter flights for Moroccan and French national team fans.

Work with such specific flights is quite difficult and requires special training because athletes and fans service implies special attention, concentration and team and fans peculiarities knowledge.

«UTG» company is happy to congratulate French team and French supporters on their victory!

UTG aviation services welcomes Privilege Style airline


Today UTG aviation services has begun to provide Spanish airline «Privilege Style» full range of ground handling services  at Vnukovo Airport. The company has planned to make flights on Boeing 737-800, 757-200, 767-300 and 777-200 aircrafts to the following directions: Vitória, Zaragoza, Salamanca, Santiago de Compostela, Stavanger (Norway), Malaga.

The Privilege Style airline was founded in 2003 and it’s a member of Spanish association of air transport companies (ACETA). The company is based in Palma de Mallorca and contains more than 455 routes in various directions during 11 years of its existence.

UTG aviation services welcomes new partner – Syrian Cham Wings Airlines.


Cham Wings Airlines was founded in 2007 in Damascus. Since July 5th, the airline has begun to perform weekly flights to Moscow. Flights from Damascus on Wednesdays at 18:00 with arrival at Vnukovo Airport at 22:30. And flights from Moscow on Thursdays at 00:15 with arrival to the destination point at 5:45. Charter flights will be performed on comfortable Airbus A320 aircrafts.

The international airport Vnukovo has celebrated its 77 anniversary!


On July 2, 2018 the International airport  Vnukovo has celebrated significant date! For 77 years the airport accommodates arriving aircrafts and sends departing passengers from the capital.

In honor of the celebration, «Vnukovo » Cultural center has organized an entertainment program with participation of dancing collectives from western Adiministrative district. Also this event was attended by Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin. He has congratulated the personnel of the airport and thanked them for their work.

Besides, the Mayor has reported about transport system development plans of the city for the next several years.  This plans will also concern airport availability for passengers and employees.  «Just recently we have made the decision to extend the subway line from Rasskazovka to Pykhtino and then to Vnukovo», - said Sobyanin on Monday at the meeting with the airport staff celebrating beautiful date.  Also the Mayor said that the subway will come to Rasskazovka soon, «Further we will make the exit road towards Vnukovo, we are already design this line. I think, within three years we will build this line, and Vnukovo will be the only Russian airport with its own subway», - Sobyanin has emphasized.

In honor of a birthday celebration, there has passed the spotting for aviation photo fans in the airport. Over 200 people participated in this action. Shooting was taken from two points: roof of the Vnukovo mail-cargo complex and from the Terminal D balcony.

The UTG company congratulates our partner, wishes to realize successfully all planned purposes to serve more and more passengers every year on its peculiar highest level!

UTG Domodedovo welcomes LOT Polish Airlines


Starting June 03rd LOT Polish Airlines started operating daily flights to Warsaw from Domodedovo airport on Embraer E75, E95, E70 aircraft.
UTG Domodedovo provides the carrier representation and ticket sales services and assistance in the case of disruptions.
LOT Polish Airlines was founded in 1929. Currently the carrier operates flights to 49 cities in 31 countries.

UTG aviation services welcomes new partner - Hong Kong Airlines


As of today UTG aviation services has started working with Hong Kong Airlines at Vnukovo airport. We provide the carrier with full scope ground handling services (including business lounges) and MRO services.
Hong Kong Airlines will be operating three weekly flights from Vnukovo airport (on Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays) on an A330 aircraft with a capacity of over 280 passengers.
The airline is one of the largest carriers in Hong Kong with a fleet of 37 aircraft and a network covering over 40 destinations.

The team of UTG aviation services took part in the race of the League of Heroes


April 29th was not exactly “a usual Sunday” for 20 daredevils (both airport and office staff) that took part in the legendary League of Heroes – a 10-kilometer race track developed especially for the training of Russian military forces. Our heroes demonstrated amazing perseverance and team spirit overcoming first and foremost themselves.
Obstacles included monkey bars, ropes, tire tunnels, climbing walls and much more. Participants crawled under barbed wire fences, and overcame unthinkable obstacles all accompanied by rather realistic imitations of combat actions. To sum it all up - serious stuff.
We hope everyone is feeling ok :). All hail the heroes!

UTG aviation services is happy to welcome WWII veterans at Premier Lounges business lounges


UTG aviation services is happy to remind all WWII veterans that we are glad to welcome them with a companion at Prokofiev, Shostakovich and Tchaikovsky Premier Lounges at Vnukovo and Domodedovo airports free of charge throughout the year.

We wish our veterans all the best for the upcoming holidays!

UTG maintenance and engineering celebrates its 5 year anniversary


Last week UTG maintenance and engineering – our Center for Technical Services celebrated its 5 year anniversary.
During these five years the team of the center has performed 448 forms of maintenance and repair operations working a total of 683.689 hours and having replaced a total of 28 landing gear units and 51 aircraft engines.

In the course of 2016 and 2017 the division has opened two Line stations at Domodedovo and Pulkovo airports , started performing technical services on 3 new aircraft types (Airbus A330, Airbus A320F, Embraer135/145) and was qualified for heavy maintenance of Boeing 737CL aircraft.

The staff of UTG maintenance and engineering is now almost twice as big as it was two years before – it now adds up to 389 professionals. Amongst our clients are airlines such as Utair, Red Wings, NordStar, Komiaviatrans, Azur Air, NordAvia, IrAero, Pobeda, Georgian Airways, Turkish Airlines.

During a small reception in celebration of the 5 year anniversary 29 employees of the division:
Valery Makhantsev
Sergey Kuchin
Pavel Polikarpov
Aleksander Serov
Vladimir Gribanov
Aleksander Yachmennikov
Vladimir Sklyarov
David Omarov
Sergey Petrov
Irik Aksyanov
Leonid Osipov
Oleg Alin
Sergey Andrusenkov
Aleksander Beker
Chuprinya Sergey
Aleksander Makarov
Eduard Shigabiev
Fedor Shkatula
Alimzhan Tazhiev
Vladimir Turkin
Vitaliy Izvanov
Damir Yakhyaev
Nikolay Katishevtsev
Zagid Irzhipov
Mikhail Kurkin
Sergey Demyanov
Andrey Vasil’ev
Anatoly Safronov
Vagapov Salikh

were awarded special certificates honoring their professionalism and contribution to the development of UTG maintenance and engineering. We wish UTG maintenance and engineering all the best in its future development.

Start of collaboration with Egyptair


Starting from the middle of April UTG aviation services has launched collaboration with EGYPTAIR, providing ticketing services at Domodedovo airport.
The carrier operates three weekly flights from Moscow departing at 15:50.

UTG maintenance and engineering launches Line station at Pulkovo airport


The station provides line maintenance services that are carried out on an aircraft in preparation for flight and include: troubleshooting, component replacement, planned maintenance (visual examination), work on internal constructional elements, onboard systems, engine unit etc.

Specialists of the Pulkovo Line maintenance station conduct the following services:
• Transit Check — a visual check of the exterior and the main components of the aircraft.
• Daily Check — a technical examination of the aircraft that is conducted every 24-36 hours during which it’s exterior, main components, liquids and emergency equipment is thoroughly checked.
• Weekly Check – a technical examination of the aircraft that is conducted every 7-10 days and takes up about 3-5 hours. It includes: a liquids check (refill or full change); check of the general state of the aircraft cladding and main systems (landing gear, auxiliary power unit, lights, electronics etc.)
• Troubleshooting procedures that include localization, confirmation, maintenance and further revision of working capacity.
The Pulkovo Line maintenance station operates on an area of 70 sq.m. that includes production and warehouse facilities and specialized transportation for components and staff members.

The first airlines to become clients of UTG maintenance and engineering at Pulkovo airport are: Utair, Komiaviatrans, Azur air. As a result of a recent tender UTG maintenance and engineering has also signed a long term technical support agreement with Pobeda airlines agreement that will come into effect in April 2018. Further plans of the division include full scope aircraft maintenance works in hangars.


Turnaround in 30 minutes? We can do better!


We recently presented our 25-minute turnaround procedure to journalists at Vnukovo airport: together with our client-airline Pobeda we were able to reduce the time thanks to parallel ground handling procedures, the professionalism and speed of our staff and by cutting back on cleaning and embarkation/disembarkation time.

The Director of our Operational Complex at Vnukovo was a speaker at the event. He noted that “as a ground handling operator we are mainly focused on the needs of our clients. For us the 30-minute turnaround procedure has become something of a “standard” and we are not going to stop at that. A challenge is always interesting and beneficial to all the participants of the process. ”


The start of collaboration with Royal Air Maroc


As of today UTG aviation services has resumed collaboration with Royal Air Maroc but now on the territory of Domodedovo International Airport. We provide the airline with representation and ticket sales services.
The carrier operates three weekly flights from Moscow to Casablanca on a Boeing 737-800 aircraft.
Royal Air Maroc was founded in 1957 and is the largest Moroccan state owned airline.

Welcoming RusLine airlines


Starting March 21st we are collaborating with RusLine airlines at Vnukovo airport providing representation and full scope ground handling services.

RusLine is the largest regional carrier in the Russian Federation, operating flights since 1997.

UTG aviation services expresses its deepest condolences


We would like to express our deepest condolences to the families of Saratov airlines flight 6В703 (Moscow – Orsk) plane crash victims. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Utair airlines confirms its status as most punctual Russian carrier


Even in the circumstances of an abnormal snowfall that hit the capital during the last few days, our long time partner Utair airlines is keeping up its status as most punctual carrier.

On the weekend of February 3-4th the monthly precipitation rate was exceeded by 120% . During those days Utair operated 162 flights from Vnukovo airport, out of which 25 departed exactly on time and 66 were delayed less than by 15 minutes. No flights were cancelled.

Approximately 400 employees of the UTG aviation services Ramp Handling Department performed all the necessary ramp handling procedures at Vnukovo airport during that period of time. This year we will be celebrating 15 years of partnership with Utair airlines.


Welcoming a new partner – Izhavia airlines


The first flight of the only state carrier of the Privolzhsk Federal District – Izhavia airlines was operated on December 28th to Vnukovo International Airport.

The airline flies to Izhevsk on weekdays (Monday to Friday) departing Vnukovo airport at 19:05. The flight to Moscow from Izhevsk lands at 06:40 in the capital. All flights of the airline are operated on YAK-42 aircraft.

Izhavia airlines operates flights throughout all of Russia – from St.Petersburg to Sochi and Anapa on the European part of the country, to Mis Kamenniy, Yakutsk and Igarka in the North and to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Khabarovsk and Vladivostok in the East. 

The carrier’s fleet consists mainly of YAK-42 aircraft. The airline also operates AN-24RV planes.

UTG aviation services has started working with Taron Avia


Today UTG aviation services started providing ground handling services for Taron Avia at Vnukovo airport. The carrier will be operating daily flights to Erevan on a Boeing 737-500 aircraft. Taron Avia is an Armenian airline that was registered in 2007.

Welcoming new partner – Somon Air!


Starting from November UTG aviation services has started working with private owned Tajik airline based in Dushanbe – Somon Air. The carrier operates international passenger services from Dushanbe and Khojend.
The airline’s fleet consists of Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-800 and -900 aircraft flying to Kulyab (three times a week) and Khojend (three times a week).

UTG aviation services takes part in the Airport Ground Handling 2017 conference


The annual Airport Ground Handling conference, held on September 26-27th hosted our Head of Ground Handling Operations Department  at Vnukovo airport – Mr. Sergey Prokofiev as a speaker . His speech on the optimization of models and methods of resource management in ground handling aroused interest amongst fellow delegates: not every day do we share our best practices on organizing staff on such procedures, as, say , a 30 minute turnaround flight. 

Airport Ground Handling is a key industry event on the territory of Russian and the former CIS annually gathering representatives of the Russian and International  aviation community.

UTG aviation services welcomes two new clients


This month UTG aviation services is happy to welcome two new clients: Azimut – the base carrier of Rostov-on-Don airport and Iraqi Airways – the national carrier of Iraq.
Azimut received its Air Operator’s Certificate this year in August and started off its flight program on September 21st with a Rostov-on-Don – Moscow – Omsk flight.
Iraqi Airways operated its first regular flight from Baghdad  to Moscow in 17 years, restoring air travel between the two countries. The flight from Baghdad to Moscow will be operated on Wednesdays, from Basra to Moscow – on Sundays. All flights will be made on Boeing 737-800 aircraft.

UTG aviation services receives official letter of gratitude from FIFA – 2018 Organizing Committee


The work of our colleagues from the UTG aviation services division at Vnukovo airport was highly evaluated by the FIFA – 2018 Organizing Committee with an official letter of gratitude. The General Director of the Committee, Mr. A. L. Sorokin emphasized their “high level of professionalism” and the “quality of services issued during the processing of charter flights of delegations of the participating teams at Vnukovo airport in the framework of the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017…” this summer.

He especially noted the work of:

Igor Pedan – Vnukovo Operational Complex Director;
Ekaterina Kolobova – Vnukovo Operational Complex Passenger Handling Director;
Ruslan Karimov – Shift Manager, Passenger Handling Services;
Andrey Polyanskiy - Shift Manager, Passenger Handling Services;
Olga Efremova – Head of Baggage Assembling Group; Cargo, Baggage and Mail Handling Service;
Sergey Fedorov – Head of Ground Handling Services Department;
Sergey Akinshin – Shift Manager; Cargo, Baggage and Mail Handling Service;
Andrey Semenov – Shift Manager; Cargo, Baggage and Mail Handling Service;
Alexey Shaganov – Head of the Dispatcher Center.

UTG aviation services welcomes new client - SCAT Airlines!


Kazakh carrier SCAT Airlines started operating flights to Vnukovo International Airport on September 6th. The first flight from Kazakhstan to Vnukovo was issued from the city of Aqtobe. The Moscow - Aqtobe flight will be carried out twice a week (on Wednesdays and Fridays) on a Bombardier CRJ 200 aircraft.

UTG aviation services provides ground handling and check-in services for the carrier.

SCAT Airlines was created in 1997 in Shimkent by a team of 17 professional aviators from the Shimkent Sqadron, preserving its technical base and air crew. The founders of the company painted the aircrafts, organized the work of offices, developed documents and norms, handled economical and legal issues and much much more. It took the then young airline less than a year to start operating its first regular flight on an An-42 aircraft.

Today the carrier’s fleet consists mostly of international aircraft, operating flights to over 80 destinations and launching up to 10 new routes annually.

43 tones of pure aviation pride: UTG aviation services has added to its heavy equipment fleet


The equipment park of UTG aviation services has been increased by two large scale units: TPX - 500S and TPX - 200MTX pushback tugs by the French leading brand – TLD. Both vehicles are the only ones in Russia, universal models allowing safer performance and economy of time for both carrier and ground handling operator. TPX – 500S is intended for towing of all wide body aircrafts, including all modifications of B777 and A380 aircraft. Both tugs (TPX - 500S weighing 27 tons and TPX - 200MTX -16 tons) are more than two times lighter than their conventional brothers, which allows extra manageability and maneuvering capability. Summing up – 43 tones of pure aviation pride.

The producer of the breathtaking acquisitions originates from a silk weaving workshop, moving away to become a steel manufacturing business. The company exists since 1897.

UTG aviation services launches a new business lounge at Vnukovo airport


We are glad to announce the launch of our new Prokofiev business lounge by UTG aviation services. The lounge has a general area of 700 sq.m. and is situated of the second floor of the domestic departures gallery of Vnukovo airport. It is divided into 4 separate zones: passengers can rest with comfort on the second level of the lounge in the main recreational area with emerald green designer chairs, take a nap in a designated sleeping area, dine with a view of the terminal.

In the buffet lunch zone they will be offered a wide range of various dishes: fruit, desserts and refreshments.


Children's day at Vnukovo airport


We celebrated international children’s day in the company of 30 future aviators taking a stroll around Vnukovo. First we visited representatives of one of the airports main defense forces – the K-9 unit, then we registered some passengers and didn’t even miss boarding, took a drive around the apron, dropped in to say “hi” to a B767-200 crew and, of course, everyone got a go at sitting in the pilot’s seat.
Our small but bright orange-vested company was able to peek into all of the secret corners of the airport. A big thank you to our colleagues from Vnukovo and staff for helping with the organization.

UTG aviation services has confirmed its ISAGO certificate


UTG aviation services has completed a planned ISAGO audit that will be valid until 14.05.2019.

ISAGO is an audit program for ground-handling companies serving airlines at airports.

The recurrent audit covered the following operational disciplines: Organization and Management (ORM), Load Control (LOD), Passenger and Baggage Handling (PAB), Aircraft Handling and loading (HDL), Aircraft Ground Movement (AGM), and Cargo and Mail Handling (CGM).

The audit was conducted by UTair airlines, a certified ISAGO auditor.

ISAGO registration is IATA program that is modeled after the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), which assesses Ground service provider operational management and control systems.
ISAGO is built around a set of harmonized internationally recognized standards and accepted system for assessing the operational management and control systems of the Ground Service Provider.

ISAGO offers benefits to airlines, ground handlers, regulatory as well as airport authorities. Among them, safer ground operations, fewer accidents and injuries, elimination of redundant audits, reduced costs, less damage and fewer audits, a uniform audit process and harmonized standards, improved safety oversight, harmonized auditor training and qualifications, improved quality standards, enhanced understanding of high-risk areas within ground operations.

UTG Domodedovo welcomes new partner – Air Moldova


As of today UTG Domodedovo started working with the national carrier of the Republic of Moldova – Air Moldova, issuing representation, ticket desk and business lounge services. The airline operates three daily flights to Kishinev on an A320 aircraft.

Currently the carrier offers passengers trips to 25 destinations: Athens, Antalya, Barcelona, Bologna, Brussels, Dublin, Verona, Vienna, Larnaca, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Moscow, Paris, Rome, Saint-Petersburg, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Heraklion, Venice, Turin and Florence, plus the seasonal destinations – Tivat and Corfu. On board of its aircrafts “Air Moldova” with two classes of service – business and economy.

UTG university update


In December 2016 UTG university started preparing staff in accordance with the following additional training programs: Ground Handling Procedures of Boeing 777-200/300 Aircraft and Ground Handling Procedures of Airbus-319/320/321 Aircraft”.

The center also conducted additional training for Special Transportation Services and Passenger Transportation Services staff in accordance with a program called The Technical Condition of Auto Transport. After the program staff members became qualified Inspectors of the technical condition of auto transport.

During the year UTG university successfully worked with OOO Aerodom (representatives of Ural Airlines), OOO iFly and OOO VIP Lounge.

The educational center is planning to commence a new Ground Handling Procedures of Boeing 747 Aircraft training program at the beginning of 2017

Welcoming Thai Airways at Domodedovo airport


Starting December 15th our representative office at Domodedovo began working again with Thai Airways after the return of the carrier to the Russian airport. We issue representation, ticket sales and crew transfer services.Thai Airways is the flag carrier airline of Thailand.It primarily operates out of Suvarnabhumi Airport. THAI is a founding member of the Star Alliance.

Partnership with Turkmenistan Airlines


Our Domodedovo division has started working with Turmenistan Airlines issuing representation services. Turkmenistan Airlines is the flagman carrier of Turkmenistan, it’s headquarters situated in Ashgabad (base airport – Ashgabad International Airport). The airline is an ICAO member.

UTG aviation services took part in the ATO Airport Ground Handling - 2016 International Conference


The annual Air Transport Observer Magazine Conference on ground handling was conducted on Noveber 9-10, gathering acclaimed professionals from IATA, Aeroflot - Russian Airlines, S7, Ural Airlines, Red Wings, UTair, Rossiya, flydubai, airports Vnukovo, Domodedovo, Sochi, Pulkovo, Zhukovskiy, Sheremetyevo, TLD, CAVAG and many other key players of the airport ground handling industry.

UTG aviation services speakers - Viktor Teplov, Head of Ramp Operations and Evgeniy Shulepov - Head of UTG university presented on two topics consecutively - 30 minute turnaround procedures and the development of the UTG university aviation training center. Without false modesty - both speeches caused quite a resonance, urging the speakers to respond to multiple questions both during and after the conference sessions.

Winter, we're ready!


We recently added two Vestergaard Elephant Beta 15 trucks to our fleet that now consists of 11 machines. The technical features of our new de-ice “family members” enable them to effectively work in difficult weather conditions, for example, if an aircraft is on overnight stay and there are snow showers. They also reduce the time necessary for de-icing procedures.

Our line maintenance station at Domodedovo has been operating for six months


The UTG maintenance and engineering certified maintenance station recently celebrated it’s six month “anniversary” at Domodedovo airport.
During this period of time 3163 maintenance operations have been performed and the amount of staff has reached 45 industry specialists. The division works with aircraft types Boeing 767-200/300, Boeing 777-200/300 and Boeing 737-500.
Currently the station has 9 aircraft on permanent line maintenance: 2 - Boeing 767-200/300, 4 - Boeing 777-200/300, 3 - Boeing 737-500.

A warm autumn in Premier Lounges


We've created a new uniform especially for our Premier Lounges staff. Apart from the standard selection, our belles now have a dress and a set of signature accessories in their arsenal. The new style colors are hot chocolate and cream - exactly what you need during a chilly autumn. 

Collaboration with Mordovian Airlines


Starting September 5th our Domodedovo division commenced collaboration with Mordovian Airlines that will be issuing two daily flights from Moscow to Saransk.
For the time being the airline will be operating under the flag of Iraero. UTG Domodedovo will be issuing: commercial passenger, ticket sales/rebooking, business lounge and unaccompanied minors services.

Free strollers for transfer passengers


Now transfer passengers of Vnukovo, travelling with children will be able to use free strollers on its territory: starting today UTG aviation services together with the airport have broadened the service that, earlier, was available only for passengers of direct flights.
Strollers are available for children under the age of 5.
As for today Vnukovo is the only airport in the Moscow Aviation Hub where the service is issued.
Strollers are given out at the registration desk of the transfer zone.

UTG aviation services оказывает перевозчику полный комплекс услуг по наземному обслуживанию. Приветствуем нового клиента!


Today the new national carrier of Armenia - Armenia Air Company operated its first flight from Moscow (Vnukovo) to Yerevan (Zvartnots) on a two-class Boeing 737-500 aircraft. The flight will be carried out once a week with a possible increase if the destination proves popular.

UTG aviation services issues full scope ground handling services to the carrier. Glad to welcome our new partner!

UTG aviation services started partnership with Iranian carriers Qeshm Air and Meraj Airlines


This summer we started issuing ground handling services (full cycle) to two new Iranian carriers Qeshm Air (starting June 24th) and Meraj Airlines (starting July 5th). Both airlines operate up to two weekly flights on А300-600 aircraft from Teheran to Moscow.

Turnaround flight: ground handling in 30 minutes


Yesterday, together with Vnukovo airport and Pobeda airlines we presented our 30 minute turnaround ground handling procedure to the media. Meaning that we showed how it is possible for an aircraft to go through full cycle ground services, including boarding/disembarkation, block in, cleaning, fueling and other pre-flight procedures in only half an hour. This is possible due to the fact that all services are issued parallel to each other and not consecutively, decreasing the general amount of time necessary for ground handling services. And due to constant staff training, their speed and skill. All in strict correspondence with aviation safety regulations, of course.
TV Channels RBC, Life news, Rossiya24, aviation media representatives and professional bloggers were with us on the field. Our Vnukovo Operational Complex Director Igor Pedan had a chat with the journalists.

UTG maintenance and engineering – three years since first MRO


Three years ago on April 8th a Bombardier CL-600-2B19 aircraft was the first aircraft to be issued MRO services by UTG maintenance and engineering. 
Three years, 4 approval certificates (Ukraine Aviation Authorities, Bermuda Aviation Authorities OTAR Part-145 Option 2, European Aviation Authorities EASA Part-145 and Russian Aviation Authorities) and 167 938 operations later the staff of the department has increased more than by 6 times – currently UTG maintenance and engineering adds up to 220 employees. The amount of aircraft serviced per day has grown from 8 to 60, and amongst our clients are airlines like UTair, Orenburg airlines, Pobeda, Georgian Airways and Yakutiya. 
The center works in partnership with Volga Dnepr Technik EASA, TS Technik,  S7 ENGINEERING, VOSTOK TECHNICAL SERVICES, SIBIR TECHNICS, Ural Aviation Services. Providing services for Boeing (737-300/400/500; 737-600/700/800/900; 767-200/300; 777-200/300), ATR 42-400/500/72-212A (PW120); Bombardier CL-600-2B19(GE CF34) aircraft and Goodrich, Meggitti (MABS), Honeywell, Messier-Bugatti-Dowty wheels.
In the framework of line maintenance UTG maintenance and engineering issues services on aircraft landing gear replacement and dismounting and replacement of aircraft engines.
By the end of the third year of operations on April 1st 2016 the department broadened its MRO scope of Boeing 737-300/400/500 aircraft up to C-Check and had started successful operations on a new aircraft type - Boeing 777-200/300.
Starting February 2016 UTG maintenance and engineering now has an extra  5600sq.m. of aircrafts hangar space on the territory of Vnukovo airport. The first aircraft hangar services were performed on a UTair Boeing 767-200/300 aircraft.

Children under the patronage of the «Gift of Life» fund visited the most interesting parts of Vnukovo


As one of the main inhabitants of Vnukovo airport we were very glad to participate in organizing and conducting a special tour for children from the Center of Pediatric Haematology named after Dima Rogachev . The event was coorganized by the Gift of Life charity fund.

The children were able to learn more about how the airport works, and about its main service departments, got a chance to inspect the check-in process, then they were escorted on to the apron through the so-called Briefing exit — a place normally not available to passengers, where cabin crew prepares for flight. On the apron they were able to see all ground handling operations before and after flight and also went on board a UTair Boeing 767 aircraft where they were able to see the galley, find out where the cabin crew members sleep and, of course, were invited to sit behind the steering wheel of the airplane.

The youngsters got to know how a plane is actually controlled, how air routes are mapped and what all those buttons, pedals and controls are needed for.

We were very lucky with all the staff that escorted the children during the tour: the airport security representative, for example, turned out to be a former pilot and shared a great deal of facts about airports, aircraft, ground handling procedures in different countries in such a breathtaking manner that even experienced specialists listened with great interest.

We will be waiting for the children for their next tour and have already thought of new adventures for them. We wish them all the best and a speedy recovery!

UTG aviation services expresses its deep condolences


We would like to express our deepest condolences to the families of flydubai flight FZ981 Rostov airport plane crash victims. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

UTG aviation services starts partnership with Mahan Air


As of today we have started issuing full scope ground handling services to the Iranian carrier Mahan Air at Vnukovo airport, including turnaround procedures, aircraft balance, de-icing services, registration of passengers and baggage handling.
Mahan Air is based in Teheran International Airport Imam Khomeini and is a member of IATA since 2001.

UTG aviation services starts partnership with Ural airlines


Starting January 1st UTG aviation services welcomed a new client to its Shostakovich Premier Lounge at Domodedovo airport. The airline has been on the Russian market since December 1993, carrying it’s millionth passenger by 2006. The carrier is based in Yekaterinburg. 

UTG aviation services on channel Rossiya24 – a report on the security system at Vnukovo airport


Yesterday our Operational Complex Director, Igor Pedan, gave an interview for Rossiya24 channel reporting on the security system at Vnukovo airport for Vesti24 news. The report included a full description of all the measures taken by the Aviation Safety and Security Service, Federal Security organizations and partner companies ensuring thorough control of all people entering the airport: starting from the introscopes and metal detectors at the entrances to the terminal to the rules and procedures of being issued an airport pass.

Watch full report here

UTG aviation services successfully passed EASA audit check


From October 20th to 22nd our UTG maintenance and engineering division passed the European Aviation Safety Audit confirming its compliance with EASA PART 145 standards.
This enabled us to broaden our scope of component MRO to GOODRICH for ВС Boeing 737 wheels and Meggitt Aircraft Braking System (MABS) for ВС Bombardier CRJ-200 in addition to MRO of Honeywell and Messier-Bugatti-Dowt for  Boeing 737 aircraft.
Our company management would like to acknowledge the contribution of the Head of the Quality Department Mr. M.Mazurov and his active support and professional diligence during the whole process.

UTG serviced over 14 aircraft of the EMERCOM of Russia at Vnukovo airport


Starting from 08.11.2015 UTG aviation services received over 14 aircraft of the EMERCOM of Russia with the luggage of tourists that have earlier left Egypt.
Altogether the company has processed over 200 tones of luggage. During the coming week more flights on this destination are expected.

We've launched our new de-icing video!


We've launched our new bouncy and, ofcourse, breathtaking de-icing video! Check out youtube with our de-icing ROCK!

UTG aviation services started issuing ground handling services for 10 carriers at Vnukovo airport


Due to the suspention of Swissport activity at Vnukovo airport UTG aviation services started issuing ground handling services for 10 carriers at Vnukovo airport. The handling operator will now be issuing ground handling services and MRO upon request to the following airlines: Rossiya, Orenburgskie avialinii, Pobeda, Volga-Dnepr, Vologodskoe AP, 224 AS, AirBridgeCargo, Air Baltic Corporation, Syrian  Arab Airlines, WIZZ Air Hungary.

Both airport and operator will put maximum effort to ensure smooth services for both passengers and aircraft of partner airlines.

UTG aviation services started collaboration with AZAL


Yesterday, on October 25th, UTG aviation services started its collaboration with AZAL. The handling operator will provide full scope handling services to the carrier, from passenger check-into aircraft fueling, de-icing and MRO services on demand.

New partners at Vnukovo airport


UTG aviation services is welcomes its new partners at Vnukovo airport! As of today we will be issuing full scope ground handling services to Gazprom avia, Severstal and Grozny avia.


UTG aviation services starts issuing full scope ground handling services for Yakutiya airlines


As of today UTG aviation services started issuing full scope ground handling services to Yakutiya airlines at Vnukovo airport.
The companies have already been partners for the last 10 years since 2005, but UTG aviation services issued the carrier only business lounge services for priority class passengers.

Currently aircrafts of JSC "Yakutia airlines" carry out regular and charter flights to all destinations of the Sakha Republic, the Russian Federation, former CIS countries and abroad. From Vnukovo airport the carrier operates flights to Nerungri, Yakutsk and Krasnodar.

The head office of the airline is located in the city of Yakutsk. The base airports of Yakutia airlines are Yakutsk, Moscow (Vnukovo) and Krasnodar. Over 40 representative offices of the airline are located in various cities of Russia and foreign countries.

UTG aviation services started collaboration with Turkish airlines


Today, on October 8th, UTG aviation services started its collaboration with the national carrier of Turkey – Turkish airlines.
The handling operator will provide full scope handling services to the carrier, from passenger check-into aircraft fueling, de-icing and MRO services on demand.
“Turkish airlines is well known for product quality: from cabin ergonomics to passenger service standards and flight regularity. It is an honor for us to start working with such a partner and we will put all our effort to justify the expectations of us as their main ground handling partner at Vnukovo airport”, said Anatoly Kudinov, General Director of UTG aviation services.

Congratulations to flydunai on our one-year partnership anniversary!


On September 23rd UTG aviation services and one of the leading carriers of the Unted Arab Emirates - flydubai celebrated their first partnership anniversary. The airline became our first partner amongst longhaul foreign carriers in terms of ground handling service provision.

Our cooperation is very actively developing, the carrier has very high flight regularity figures.

As an airline flydubai was founded by the government of Dubai in 2008 and operates flights to over 80 destinations on Boeing 737-800 NG type aircraft.

UTair airlines, Vnukovo airport and UTG aviation services welcome Veterans of the Great Patriotic War


UTair airlines, Vnukovo airport and UTG aviation services organized a warm welcome for veterans of the Great Patriotic War from St.Petersburg – Mr. Andrey Y. Kostyukov and Nadezhda V. Alexeeva. For the last five years the couple has been travelling with UTair airlines. This year the veterans decided to travel to the Black Sea coast.

Representatives of Vnukovo airport, UTair airlines and UTG aviation services participated in the official greeting ceremony and congratulated the couple with the 70-th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War. Traditionally, the guests were subject to special business lounge services at Rakhmaninov Premier Lounge by UTG aviation services prior their flight departure. Apart from flowers and traditional gifts the veterans were offered a free business class flight to the place of their destination.

Mr. Andrey Y. Kostyukov will soon celebrate his 100-th anniversary and both he and his wife are in good health, very optimistic and high-spirited. The passengers say that all five years their travels have been quite comfortable: “we are grateful to the airline for this special campaign and for the opportunity to visit not only places of combat glory but also our relatives and spend the autumn season on the Black Sea coast,”- said Andrey Y. Kostyukov. 

Over 9 thousand people have participated in the Veteran campaign during the twelve years that UTair airlines has been organizing it. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War are liable to a free trip on any chosen destination of the UTair route network.
Additional information about the campaign can be found on the airlines official website or through the 24/7 UTair hotline: 8-800-234-00-88 (free call on the territory of the RF). For calls from other countries please use +7 (3452) 298-888.

How to land an aircraft without landing gear and put out a fire in record time: UTG aviation services took part in planned SPASOP training at Vnukovo airport


UTG aviation services took part in a planned special tactical training exercise dedicated to the prevention and elimination of possible emergency incidents on the air field at Vnukovo airport. 

According to the legend of the exercise a TU-134 aircraft had difficulty with ejecting main right side landing gear unit. The situation had to be dealt with immediately: the cabin crew performed an emergency landing without landing gear and as a result the lower part of the aircraft body caught fire.

The training was dedicated to a rather difficult situation where incident code BLUE changes to incident code RED, which means a threat to the lives and health of the crew and passengers. In cases like these the reaction of all ground services must be swift, precise and very fast.

UTG aviation services staff took an active part in the training session by providing and operating necessary equipment.

Over 100 people participated in the training exercise using 40 units of equipment. The event was conducted successfully: all situations were resolved with good timing.

An expert committee including representatives of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Rosaviation, Rostransnadzor and other airports of the Moscow Aviation Hub inspected the course of the training, evaluating the event as having been conducted at a high standard o quality. 

IATA grants UTG aviation services the ISAGO Registration


The International Air Transport Association (IATA) awarded UTG aviation services the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations (ISAGO) Registration, following the successful completion of a comprehensive audit of ground-handling operations at Vnukovo International Airport (VKO).
ISAGO is an audit program for ground-handling companies serving airlines at airports.
ISAGO registration is IATA program that is modeled after the IATA Operational Safety Audit (IOSA), which assesses Ground service provider operational management and control systems.
ISAGO is built around a set of harmonized internationally recognized standards and accepted system for assessing the operational management and control systems of the Ground Service Provider.

IATA's decision to award UTG aviation services registration came after a comprehensive audit carried out by an IATA-licensed ISAGO audit team. During the first two days an audit of UTG aviation services headquarters was performed, following over 100 standards to inspect organizational systems and documentation. The headquarters audit focused on the Organization & Management System and making sure that the ground handling functions are performed in conformity with latest industry operational practices.

During the station audits, licensed auditors carried out the ground operations audit at Vnukovo International Airport (VKO), following almost 400 standards (depending on the scope of the audit). This portion of the audit involved (scope of the audit) station management system, passenger and baggage handling, load control, aircraft handling & loading, aircraft ground movement and cargo & mail handling.

ISAGO offers benefits to airlines, ground handlers, regulatory as well as airport authorities. Among them, safer ground operations, fewer accidents and injuries, elimination of redundant audits, reduced costs, less damage and fewer audits, a uniform audit process and harmonized standards, improved safety oversight, harmonized auditor training and qualifications, improved quality standards, enhanced understanding of high-risk areas within ground operations.


UTG aviation services opens Tchaikovsky Premier Lounge at Vnukovo airport


Passengers departing on international flights from Vnukovo airport now have a new opportunity for relaxation before flight: today UTG aviation services launched Tchaikovsky Premier Lounge – it’s new international business lounge.
The lounge is situated in the international departures area on the second floor of Terminal “A” of Vnukovo airport, taking up a whole 600 sq.m.
Apart from the comforts that premium class passengers have already grown accustomed to, such as free wi-fi, a business center with all the necessary technologies, fresh press, buffet lunch with an additional a la carte  menu, our new lounge offers its guests, especially those fond of classical music, a special  “music room” where world famous operas and concerts will be broadcasted. 
Passengers will be able to use a shower cabin with all the necessary amenities. Little guests will be encouraged to use a special “children’s corner” where they will be able to apply their creative abilities and play different games. Adult passengers will be able to choose a relaxation zone in accordance with their needs. 

UTG aviation services and Georgian airways celebrate their first anniversary of partnership


UTG aviation services started providing services to Georgian Airways since 01.02.2014, recently the partners celebrated their first anniversary. The carrier operates regular flights from Vnukovo to Tbilisi and Kutaisi since 2012, since 2014 the airline launched a third daily flight to Batumi.
UTG aviation services provides Georgian Airways with full scope aircraft ground handling services and passenger handling services at the airport terminal: registration, luggage and boarding control.  During the year the agreement between the carrier and the ground handling operator was broadened to maintenance works “on demand”.
“For us the anniversary with Georgian Airways is a special event. We have learned a lot from our partner and highly value the professionalism and flexibility of the carrier’s staff. Last year was quite challenging, and we are very grateful to Georgian Airways for their support and understanding. It is not often that a partner becomes your friend. In our case – this has become reality. We are sure that many years of fruitful collaboration are ahead”, - said Anatoly Kudinov, General Director of UTG aviation services.
Since February 2014 UTG aviation services has serviced up to 500 Georgian Airways flights and registered over 35 500 passengers of the airline.
Georgian Airways was created in 1994. It’s fleet consists of BOEING 737-500, BOEING 737-700 NG, CRJ 100, CRJ 200, Gulfstream- 450 and others. Georgian Airways operates flights to Russia, the Ukraine, Europe, Israel and the Middle East.

UTG maintenance and engineering starts aircraft component maintenance


UTG aviation services maintenance and engineering department – UTG m&e has been authorized to provide aircraft component services (in compliance with the EASA audit check conducted in November 2014).
The capabilities of the existing certificate EASA Part-145 were broadened: apart from aircraft line maintenance we can now provide maintenance services of aircraft components included in to the  Capability List of UTG maintenance and engineering.
This all sounds complicated and quite breathtaking, but what does it all mean? After a component is received it is washed, the paint is peeled off, it is manually inspected and then sent out for nondestructive testing (NDT) where it is searched for hidden defects using various methods: ultrasound, eddy-current and capillary analysis.
We have a special automatic eddy-current scanning system called wheelscan (analysis through the interaction of various magnetic fields). For the capillary method (that uses various penetrants or tracing fluids) we have a dark room, the so-called storm cabinet where the penetrants is applied. After that the component is checked for cracks using a UV lamp. If everything is ok with the wheel it is given away for painting.
After all of these procedures the wheel is assembled, pumped up (it is kept for almost 24 hours for pressure checks) and then is given out to the ordering party.
UTG maintenance and engineering specialists then prepare an EASA Form 1 – a document that guarantees that all maintenance operations comply with all the necessary requirements before they can be placed on an aircraft.
At present UTG maintenance and engineering can provide maintenance services of Boeing 737Classic (737-300/400/500) and Boeing 737NG (737-600/700/800/900) aircraft wheels manufactured by Honeywell and Messier-Bugatti-Dowty, in Spring we plan to broaden the scope to Goodrich wheels and further to brakes and kitchen and utility-type equipment

JSC UTG has completely settled debt obligation with OAO Alfa-bank


JSC UTG has completely settled debt obligation with Alfa-bank including forfeit for overdue payment.
In accordance with the previous statement of the company JSC UTG  has been gradually issuing payments in compliance with its’ financial plan.
The payment was possible due to income from ground handling operations of the companies’ partner airlines: Orenburg airlines, Rossiya, iFly, fly dubai,
Saratovskie avialinii, Red wings, UTair.
“JSC UTG was able to continue operations thanks to the support and seamless cooperation with the companies’ main partner – Vnukovo airport. Execution of
undertaken obligations is the main prerogative of JSC UTG  as is the case with any other honest industry subject. A peaceful settlement of the issue would have
enabled us to reduce expenses and avoid causing panic in the aviation industry that is, on top of everything else, currently in a very difficult situation.
“We still consider the actions of Alfa-bank to be of an immensely aggressive and destructive nature destabilizing the situation in the aviation industry
as a whole”, - commented Dmitry Tizin, member of the board of directors of JSC UTG.
“Due to the fact that we have fulfilled our obligations to Alfa-bank JSC UTG is ending all cooperation with the financial organization, probably for good”,- he added.

The position of JSC UTG on the situation with Alfa-bank


JSC UTG is a full cycle ground handling operator issuing turnaround procedure, passenger check-in, luggage handling, de-icing and passenger transportation services to over 80% of flights at Vnukovo airport.
Business development of the company required investments and JSC UTG took on a loan from OAO Alfa-bank and a 6 month credit line was opened for the company in July 2014. During the whole period of usage, JSC UTG proved itself to be a responsible loan recipient, issuing monthly payments without delays and planning it’s financial activity in accordance with the end  period of the credit line set by Alfa-bank.
In accordance with the approved credit line JSC UTG made use of the loaned financial assets on November 7th 2014. On November 10th Alfa-bank notified JSC UTG of a pre-scheduled closing of the credit line. The decision was made in a unilateral manner with forced loan amortization from all incoming payments.
In the current most difficult economical conditions there was no financial possibility for JSC UTG to repay the loan at such short notice.
Due to this and ignoring all possibilities of an out of court settlement Alfa-bank filed a statement of recovery claim and a request for interim measures to JSC UTG. On December 15th the court took a verdict for interim measures providing credit obligations.
On December 16th on the basis of the resolution of the law enforcement officer part of the equipment of JSC UTG at Vnukovo airport was arrested.
JSC UTG considers the actions of Alfa-bank as extremely aggressive, destructive and destabilizing the situation in the aviation industry as a whole and causing panic in the aviation industry that is, on top of everything else, currently in a very difficult situation, as these actions have an impact not only on legal entities, but on the main consumers of aviation services – the passengers.
JSC UTG issues daily payments and is gradually covering the amortization of it’s credit line at Alfa-bank and is aimed at a constructive dialogue and a peaceful settlement of the current situation, but the actions of the bank indicate the opposite viewpoint of the financial organization.
JSC UTG will appeal the decision of the court and the actions of the law enforcement officer.

UTG aviation services launches partnership with Air India


Starting December 3rd UTG aviation services launched partnership with the national carrier of India - Air India at Domodedovo airport. 

The airline operates 4 regular weekly flights to/from Domodedovo on a Boeing 787-800 Dreamliner aircraft to Dehli.

The handler provides Air India representation and ticket sales services. 

Air India began operations in 1932, the fleet of the carrier consists of 116 aircraft, including 16 Boeing 787 Dreamliners. 

UTG aviation services broadens its cooperation with Orenair


Due to the fact that Orenair has started operating flights from Vnukovo airport on 01.11.2014 UTG aviation services has broadened its cooperation with the carrier.
The operator will be providing the airline with full scope passenger and aircraft handling services, including fueling and aircraft de-icing (aircraft types Boeing 737-800).
By November 10th the airline is planning to operate 13 daily flights on 12 destinations, including Krasnoyarsk, Krasnodar, Kazan, Mineralnie Vodi, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Orenburg, Perm, Rostov, Simferopol, Chelyabinsk and others.
The carrier’s fleet consists of 22 aircraft, types: Boeing 737-800 (189Y, 186Y,12C/156Y) and 3 Boeing 777-200ER (14C/34W/316Y).  Orenburg airlines has been operating flights since 1932 and is one of the oldest airlines in Russia. Since 2010 the airline is a member of the Aeroflot group.

UTG aviation services starts partnership with Transaero airlines


Starting October 6th UTG aviation services launched it's partnership with one of the largest Russian airlines - Transaero at Vnukovo International airport.

UTG aviation services provides the airline full scope handling services, including passenger check-in, crew assistance, full cycle aircraft handling for all the flights of the carrier (approx. 40 per day) on aircraft types B737-800, В767-300, В747-400, 777-200. Services include meeting and departures, towing, de-icing services, high mounted maintenance works, etc.

"UTG aviation services has been working as a full cycle ground handling operator since 2012. We were able to create a company worthy of becoming partner to such an experienced and demanding client as Transaero. This partnership is an achievement of all of our employees that invest all of their time and knowledge into what they do. For us this partnership is a new era of development. For the industry as a whole it is one more step towards the development of independent handling in Russia. We thank Transaero for their trust.",-  said Anatoly Kudinov, General Director of UTG aviation services.

UTG aviation services begins partnership with flydubai


UTG aviation services is glad to announce the beginning of its partnership as ground handling operator with one of the leading carriers of the UAE - flydubai airlines at Vnukovo airport. 

flydubai will be the first foreign Middle Eastern client airline of UTG aviation services in the framework of aircraft ground handling, operating seven weekly flights from Terminal A of Vnukovo airport to Dubai. 

UTG aviation services will be issuing full scope passenger handling services (check-in, business lounge services, payment of optional services, etc.) and full scope aircraft handling services, including (pushback, de-icing, etc.)

«flydubai – is the first foreign airline from the Middle East that we will be working with at Vnukovo airport and for us, as an independent ground handling operator,  this is a very important event. With flydubai we share the same vision and strategy of active and intensive development, undoubtedly a solid platform for a strong partnership. We are grateful for the trust of flydubai and their choice of ground handling operator”,- said Anatoly Kudinov, General Director of UTG aviation services.  

flydubai was launched by the government of Dubai in 2008 and operates flights to over 80 destinations with a fleet of Boeing 737-800 NG aircraft.


UTG aviation services begins partnership with Red Wings airlines


Today UTG aviation services started working with Red Wings airlines at Domodedovo airport.

The two companies signed an agreement concerning passenger registration and ticketing services. Red Wings operates up to 15 regular flights a day. In November 2013 the airline started regular flights from Domodedovo and Vnukovo airports to Makhachkala, Krasnodar, Mineralnie Vodi and Ufa. The carrier also operates flights to Kaliningrad, Omsk, Simferopol, Volgograd, Tivat and other popular tourist destinations.  

UTG aviation services broadens scope of ground handling activity and recieves FAR-150 compliance certificate


UTG aviation services recieved a Federal Aviation Regulations-150 certificate confirming compliance of the companies passenger, cargo and luggage service procedures on both international and domestic flights at Vnukovo airport.

Apart from confirming the right of UTG to issue registration services (passengers and luggage) and transportation services the certificate allows cargo handling activities (including dangerous cargo), aircraft balance calculations, delivery of cargo and mail to aircraft parking area and also cargo and mail loadin/unloading.

UTG aviation services Vnukovo resumes partnership with Bluebird Airways


Starting May 28th UTG aviation services resumed representation of Bluebird Airways. The Greek carrier was founded in 2008 in the city of Iraklion (Crete, Greece) and operates both regular and charter flights. The airlines fleet consists of Boeing 737-400 aircraft.

UTG aviation services starts issuing unaccompanied minors escort services


On May 22nd we started issuing a new services for childern travelling without their parents on UTair flights. Our colleagues help young passengers go through registration procedures, make sure that all the documents are ok, pick out a comfortable seat for them and help them go through all further airport procedures, making sure that the children arrive safely on board, where UTair staff takes further care of them.

UTG aviation services started partnership with Izhavia airlines


Starting today we have a new client at Domodedovo airport: UTG aviation services started working with regional airline Izhavia.

We provide the airline full scope passenger handling services at the airport terminal: registration and boarding control, ticketing services, business lounge and representation services.  “Regional flights are a major part of the transport infrastructure of our country and we are happy to take part in their development and work with such an experienced carrier as Izhavia”, said UTG aviation services Director Anatoly Kudinov.

Izhavia is one of the three regional airlines of the Volga Federal District, the carriers’ fleet consists of 15 aircraft operating flights to over 22 destinations, including some of Russia’s major cities.

UTG aviation services starts partnership with I Fly charter airline


Starting May 14th UTG aviation services started collaboration with I Fly airlines, providing the carrier ground handling services at Vnukovo International Airport. 

In the framework of the agreement signed by the companies, UTG aviation services provides the airline full scope passenger handling services at the airport terminal: registration, luggage and boarding control and aircraft ground handling services (including ramp cargo handling and fueling services within the framework of agreements with partners of UTG aviation services).

“It is a great pleasure for UTG to start working with I Fly: the airline is our first client operating only charter flights. The summer season, being the most intense during the year, will give us the opportunity to put all our previous experience into action and make this a fruitful partnership”.

I Fly was created in 2009. The airline is stationed at Vnukovo International Airport and operates flights to most major tourist destinations from terminal B. Currently the airlines fleet consists of 5 Boeing 757-200 and 2 Airbus A330-300 aircraft.

UTG maintenance and engineering celebrates first anniversary


A year ago, on April 8th 2013 UTG maintenance and engineering – the Center for Maintenance and Engineering of UTG aviation services commenced MRO operations with it’s first order from UTair Ukraine airlines.

A year of productive work resulted in the increase of the amount of staff from 13 to 109 employees, approval and compliance certificates of the Ukraine and Bermuda Aviation Administrations, completion of an EASA audit (EASA Part 145) for MRO operations on aircrafts: ATR 42-200/300/400/500, ATR-72-212A, BOEING 737-300/400/500, BOEING 737 – 600/700/800/900, Bombardier CL-600-2B19.

Currently the company operates all necessary MRO equipment: BOEING 737 CL/NG and Airbus 320 family aircraft jacks were recently put into operation, ATR-72/212А aircraft jacks and equipment for baroscope inspections, non-destructive testing, aircraft structure repair recently purchased.

During the first year of work, staff of the maintenance center has completed a wide range of training programs on: MRO on various aircraft types, Aviation Legislation, Human Factor, Aircraft Pushback, EWIS, FTS, Transit Checks, Technical Documentation, Aircraft Interior and Safety Equipment Maintenance. Instructors of the UTG MRO Center regularly conduct advanced training courses for employees of the division.

As for today, UTG maintenance and engineering services over 60 aircrafts. The Center’s major partners are – airlines of the Utair Group and national carrier of Georgia – Georgian Airways. UTG maintenance and engineering works in close collaboration with aircraft spare parts repair service provider Aviacomponent and MRO service providers Ural aviation services (UAS), TS Technik, S7 Engineering, Vostok Technical Service, Volga-Dnepr Technik, VARZ-400 and educational centers: AMIKON, AVIATOR, FL Techics, Cam&Cons.

UTG aviation services welcomes new partner - Georgian Airways


Starting February 1st UTG aviation services started working with a new partner - Georgian Airways. The carrier has been operating flights to Vnukovo international airport from Tbilisi and Kutaisi from 2012.

Currently UTG provides Georgian Airways with full scope aircraft ground handling services and passenger handling services at the airport terminal: registration, luggage and boarding control.

Georgian Airways was created in 1993 and became the national carrier of Georgia in 1999.
It’s fleet consists of BOEING 737-500, BOEING 737-700 NG, CRJ 100, CRJ 200 and others. Georgian Airways operates flights to Russia, the Ukraine, Europe, Israel and the Middle East.

UTG aviation services receives EASA Part-145 Certificate


The aircraft maintenance center of UTG aviation services – UTG Maintenance and Engineering successfully completed an audit check to confirm its compliance with European Aviation Safety Agency standards.

The department received an EASA Part-145 Certificate on Maintenance Training Organization (EASA 145.0660) enabling maintenance and repair operations on the following aircraft types (European registration): Boeing 737CL, Boeing 737NG, ATR 42-400/500, ATR 72-212A, Bombardier CL-600-2B19 (CRJ-200). The company can now perform operations up to and excluding A checks or their equivalents, defects rectification, minor repairs and modifications, component replacement in accordance with EU and Russian and international aviation authority rules and regulations.

During the EASA audit the following branches of activity were checked in order to certify compliance: staff training, availability of all necessary documentation, equipment and instruments, availability of equipped areas for the provision of services in the framework of the field of activity submitted. The EASA Part-145 certificate received by the company confirms that all UTG aviation services facilities and staff operate in compliance with EASA standards, rules and regulations.

UTG Maintenance and Engineering is also preparing to start MRO operations of aircraft types: Boeing 767, Boeing 757, Airbus A-320 family and the Russian Sukhoi Superjet (SSJ) 100.

UTG aviation services welcomes new partner - Air Armenia


Starting October 27th UTG aviation services began servicing Air Armenia flights. The carrier will be operating a daily flight from Terminal A of Vnukovo airport on a Boeing 737-500 aircraft. From November 17th the number of flights will be increased to two daily also putting an Airbus A320 into operation.

On Air Armenia flights UTG issues:
• passenger handling services: check-in, boarding, baggage and hand luggage registration;
• full scope of aircraft ramp handling services (including de-icing).

UTG aviation services, Vnukovo airport and UTair conducted a tour for students of the State University of Civil Aviation


Lifting the veil of enchantment that covers the mysterious world of airports UTG aviation services, UTair and Vnukovo conducted a tour around the terminal complex for students of MGTU GA (the State University of Civil Aviation). Future industry specialists visited the registration, boarding and baggage claim zones, UTG travel club Business Lounge and even saw the ramp from a bird’s eye view. We hope that our colleagues were able to inspire the young listeners to strive to become true aviation professionals.

UTG aviation services has started to process cargo and mail


From the end of September UTG aviation services started providing a new service: cargo and mail processing on the ramp of Vnukovo airport (for all UTair group filghts). We now process about 60 tonnes of cargo in 24 hours, comparable with the maximum take-off mass of a B 737-300 aircraft.

UTG aviation services has started issuing fueling services


Starting August 19th UTG has started issuing aircraft fueling services (preparatory and final operational stages (level 1)).

All employees involved in the process have completed special training and are certified to conduct fueling operations of all aircraft of the UTair fleet. 

UTG aviation services accepts delivery of first two units of aircraft de-icing equipment


UTG aviation services accepted delivery of first two Vestergaard Elephant Beta de-icing equipment units (for all aircraft types). During the next few months we are planning on recieving six more units. Starting from September UTG will be able to offer it's clients full cycle aircraft ramp handling services.

UTG introduces new services


UTG is actively broadening its range of ramp services. In May the company started to provide passenger boarding services using own boarding bridges, aircraft engine start (using own units) and water/toilet services.

UTG aviation services receives MRO certificate


On April 2nd UTG aviation services received a certificate, enabling the company to provide MRO services for aircraft registered in the Ukraine. The company is authorized to provide 500 hour A-chacks for aircraft types: ATR 42 200/300 series, ATR 42 400/500, ATR 72-212A, Boeing 737-300/400/500, Bombardier CL-600-2B19. UTG plans to receive another certificate (authorizing MRO of aircraft registered in the Bermudas) on April 25-28th, which will enable MRO of Boeing 737 from May 1st.

Clients of UTG aviation services are amongst the three most punctual airlines at Sheremetyevo airport1


Sheremetyevo international airport has chosen the most punctual airlines in 2012. Analysis of operational activity of Russian and foreign airlines flying to/from Sheremetyevo conducted by specialists of the Airport Operational Center revealed three leaders. The main evaluation criteria for carriers were: arrival punctuality, aircraft take-off and departure. The most punctual airlines:

  • Air Baltic (87,7% punctuality),
  • KLM – Royal Dutch Airlines (84,0% punctuality),
  • LOT – Polish Airlines (83,7% punctuality).

Client of UTG aviation services, Ukrainian International Airlines increases amount of flights to Kiev


Starting February 22nd 2013 UIA has increased the amount of flights connecting Moscow and Kiev from Domodedovo airport from 2 flights to 3. UIA has also started to operate flights to Sheremetyevo airport three times a day, the airline is also represented by UTG.



2 500


20 000

passengers registered daily


passengers daily serviced in business lounges. Numbers are growing.